Hello, ladies and gentlemen. In this article, I will explain what to do if you encounter the error “There was a problem verifying your phone number” during the Google account registration process.

Fortunately, this problem is solvable, so let’s create a new account together. Additionally, this method will allow you to create an account without the need to input a real phone number.

The Issue of Requiring a Phone Number for Google Account Registration

The Issue of Requiring a Phone Number for Google Account Registration We all know that Google requires a phone number as a mandatory step when registering a new account, which can sometimes lead to problems.

For example, Google often reacts negatively to many phone numbers from Kyrgyzstan, displaying the error “There was a problem verifying your phone number”, even if the number is entered correctly. This is where you might get stuck if you’re simply trying to register an email or need a new Google account. Additionally, if you want to select a different region, you’ll still need a phone number from that specific region, which isn’t always possible.

A trivial example, even if the number is entered correctly, an error still appears

So, let’s try to register an email in a way that allows you to:

  1. Choose a different region without needing a phone number from that region.
  2. Resolve the issue with the “There was a problem verifying your phone number” error.

This method can help you solve two problems with a single solution.

Getting Around the “There was a problem verifying your phone number” Bug During Google Account Registration

So, if you’re unable to register using the regular method, you’ll have to use an alternative approach. To do this, choose the Google Meet app. It’s not possible in the Google Chrome browser, but you can do it on an Android or iOS smartphone.

Install the Google Meet app, for example, from the Play Store. You can also install it from the App Store on iOS devices. On many Android-based smartphones, this app may come pre-installed.

Log into the app, tap on the profile icon, and click the “Add account” button.

Creating a new Google Meet account

In the next window, click on the “Create Account” button.

Creating a new Google Meet account

Select for “Personal Use” and begin entering data. For example, first and last name, date, you can come up with your own email address. At your discretion.

Entering your first and last name in Google Meet
Date of birth when creating a new Google Meet account
Generating a nickname on Google Meet

Continue with this process until you reach the stage of entering a phone number.

Specifying a number or omitting the phone number when signing up for a Google account
Having a “Skip” button and no SMS confirmation required is very helpful when signing up for a Google account

At this point, you have two options:

  • Enter any phone number, whether it exists or not.
  • Click the “Skip” button.

Both options work well, and this is the main difference from registering on a desktop or in other Google apps. However, if you need to link your account to a different region, it’s better to enter a phone number, even if it’s not a real one.

Ready Google Account

Now, check your email address, accept the privacy policy, and you’re all set. Excellent, you can use the newly created Google account with ease.

Keep in mind that this may still lead to issues with services like AdSense and Google Ads, so I don’t recommend abusing this method for serious business purposes. However, AdSense, for example, works without problems, even if a non-existent number is provided in the account.

Fixing the Error Is Easy

Yes, if you encounter the unpleasant error “An error occurred while verifying your phone number,” which hinders the registration of a new Google account, you can easily avoid it, at least until this workaround is closed. So, use it freely. With that, I bid you farewell, wish you success, and hope you encounter fewer registration problems.

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